Womb Blossoming

In my womb apprenticeship, I’ve learned that there is a masculine third eye and a feminine third eye. The masculine one rests in the brow & the feminine is at the base of the skull. They meet each other halfway at the center of the brain. 

 For months I’ve been getting soreness, tension & headaches in the brow, the base of my skull and headaches that radiate through the center of my head between those two places. I see this as an activation. 

Having found a connection between my pains and this newly acquired knowledge, I felt suddenly right on parr with life where I was beginning to feel hopeless. Next, I connected deeply with my womb space, more so than I ever have and I do a lot of work on my womb space so I hope this inspired you. I have provided a link to my services in the comments section, where you can pick from whichever service calls to you at this time. 

 Ancestral wise woman initiation. The deep breathing really relaxed me. I’ve been noticing that you mention the brow is the more masculine third eye & that the base of the skull is the more feminine third eye. I’ve been getting pain and what sometimes feels like inflammation right in that spot for the past few months. Recently my shoulders hurt and my spine feels out of sorts, like it’s purging.

 While traveling to the chamber my plant allies were light pink roses. My crystal allies were carnelian, aquamarine & azurite. When I got down into my womb chamber there was a round circular stone that I sat on briefly and I did see some sacred geometry. The dodecahedron was surrounding me and I was sat inside of it. I use that shape often, even in my own healings.

On the path to my garden, I was rowing a small boat while standing, down the river bank. It had red clay with veins of gold and there were willow trees there. I sensed the willow first, then I knew there had to be water near by. I heard their songs and they moved me so deeply. 

I got to the gate and it was a pristine, tall, shiny golden gate with some ornate decorations. There was a fox-woman hybrid at the gate. She took coins as payment/offering for the key. The garden was green but there were some dead plants. It wasn’t wild but it wasn’t manicured either. When I got to the gazebo, I felt the presence of my feminine ancestors.

 I saw women from all walks of life approach me and I felt held, almost like for the first time when a mother holds her baby. Some were dressed, others were more primal and naked. All of which showered me with gold coins, corn, clays, marigolds, pottery, spoons & so on. As they sang to me, I cried. I felt a welcoming home.  They have such high hopes for me. To be free, abundant, to be healthy, to have a truly supportive mate who honors me & to have exciting adventures. 

We all connected to one another’s womb spaces and they adorned me with a rose/violet crown as well as waist beads made from carnelian, gold & red jasper. I thanked them for their gifts, as I am extremely grateful for my homecoming and I began heading back out of my garden. 

There was a rose bush beginning to grow where initially there had been dead plants. Then there was a bamboo plant that asked to be tended to next time. It needs water and self love, which I know I’m in need of. When I left, just outside of my gate we’re two big yew trees just like what you’d see at Glastonbury. I took one more swim in mother earths waters and travelled back to the present. All of this inner work also lead to deeper understanding surrounding my childhood woundings. 

Ever since I was a child, I felt misunderstood. I always had to prove myself worthy. Jump through hoops but my inner rebel was like “FUCK YO HOOPS”. I was no ones show dog. In relationships people always questioned what I brought to the table, not seeing my value because it wasn’t in the mundane sense. When push comes to shove, people have always took me for granted until they needed a support. Until they needed strength, then my value is recognized. 

 I can exist in a place for years, flying under the radar, not being fully seen but when crisis occurs, existential or otherwise, that’s when I shine. My ability to stay grounded and firm is my strength. My ability to bring out that strength in others is then honored but that could take years to occur. I’m no longer content to stay in places where I am NOT SEEN upon meeting me. If you don’t recognize me then you’re not for me. 

 I don’t need to market myself, my energy itself is a brand and if you’re not feeling it then you’re just not getting it. This energy of overextending oneself to be accepted is deep rooted and you tend to find scattered pieces here and there. Like when you break glass, clean it up and then find a random shard a few months later. I am both happy & healing from this……again. It’s my karma, they’re my lessons & I will carry my cross with pride and heal as needed. I do my healing work with pride. I hope this inspires you too. 

Xx, The Renaissance Mystic ⚜️


This week has proven to me just how deeply I’m tapped into my own intuition. We doubt, we claw at knowledge outside of ourselves. We believe others are more knowledgeable but it’s just not true. We are just not calibrated to our inner GPS system. The more we listen & trust, the clearer our direction gets. I’ll give you two examples. 

I listened to one of my good friend Ty Gold’s “Holy Shift” calls and quite LITERALLY HOLY SHIFT! Like seriously. Now I’m advised to listen more than once and so far, I’ve listened twice. I’ll give you an account of how instantly I’ve manifested the exact knowledge as show to me via my third eye. 

During the first listening session, at one point during the call she says “Take one step at a time” and my third eye projected this extremely abundant and serene image. I was skipping across a beautiful aquamarine colored lake. There were flat stepping stone that you could hop across. Now, in the direction I was going, there was a beautiful misty water fall ahead and it has such a lakshmi vibe to it. There were gold coins and gems flowing down and there was a beautiful woman standing at the bottom. She was so unique & vivacious. She smiled at me in such a cheeky yet empowering way. 

 After this image appeared the call continued. After we were done, I’m just assessing how my body feels, how clear I feel & of course I’m in awe of how kick ass that call was. I exit out of my browser & go onto Pinterest and waterfall instantly appeared. Now the time was 12:30, which resonates at a 6 vibration in numerology. The waterfall card was also a 6 card, legitimately 6! Then the numerology of the date for that day was 6. Ahhhh, what a rush I felt! 

Now, you may be all tingly right now somewhere like your head, maybe your arms or legs. There is something so exhilarating about realizing how powerful you are. 

Now during my second time listening to the call, when I got to the same place on the recording as the first time, when ty said “just take one step”. I saw myself on one of those wooden bridges made of rope connecting two mountains. On one side it was dry & desolate. There was nothing, the land was scorched & barren. Now across me was a tribe of people cheering me on. They were eagerly awaiting my arrival. So I took one step but god moved me the rest of the way. Literally, god energy took me from 0-100 in a matter of seconds. Before I knew it, the tribe was receiving me and crowning me with this beautiful headdress. 

Now, I pulled cards from the “Guilder Reverie” deck & the last three cards were (38)Bridges, (36)Cross & (21) Mountain. The bridges card resembles the dry, scorched terrain, the cross indicates the cross we have to bear but I took it as a symbol for the god energy that guided me from one side to the other. Then the last card was just like my vision. It has a lush, green landscape with grass, trees & animals. You can even see the snow capped tip of the mountain. 

Overall I took this as me taking my first step into a more purpose driven, intuitive & public lifestyle. Becoming more vulnerable will be met with positive, moveable energy. My dreams will start to manifest more over time. Once I take that leap, I’ll be led exactly to my destination & be received by my soul tribe. It was so amazing to literally see this in my mind then see it laid out in front of me. 

Trust yourself, my beloveds. You are tuned into your highest guidance now! And so mote it be. 

Xx, The Renaissance Mystic 

Ode To The Black Sheep

This is dedicated to all of my loving, unique and supremely divine black sheep. Even those who don’t realize just how amazing they are, this is for you!

I understand you all so deeply, I understand that you have to try harder to be heard, I understand that you are always kissed with a thin veil of invisibility, whether that’s by choice or not. Then in some paradoxical way I understand that everyone else around you blends together so seamlessly while you always feel like you have to try so hard not to stand out in a way that draws unnecessary attention towards you.

That is the blessing and the curse of being the black sheep. I understand that you see what others don’t and when you make mention of it suddenly you’re the one with the problem. When you express your needs and that you’re not being fulfilled all of a sudden you become the person who nothing is good enough for and you become ungrateful. Two people could have gone through the same exact experience, positive or negative and yet for you it goes unnoticed. You receive little to no praise for accomplishments and the same goes for the traumatic experiences. 

This is the world we were born into, my loves. As children we were vulnerable enough to use our voice. As children we felt the burdens of those around us. As children, we are so tuned into the collective that separateness hasn’t really occurred to us yet. We haven’t really understood that the things we experience are not perceived & recognized unanimously by the masses. 

When we dared to speak our truth and that truth didn’t resonate with those who raised us, suddenly we weren’t so cute anymore. Suddenly, We were the child who was supposed to be seen not heard. We were constantly told that other people had it worse than us and that if we had it so bad then all the things we valued would get taken away from us. If we get less than we already were getting, we would come to our senses and see how grateful we should be, right? 

What if that child wasn’t ungrateful? What if that child had already felt lack and just wanted more attention, more understanding and more vulnerability from their parents? What if our desire to be known or fully accepted was constantly denied and we began to feel as though everything we did & said became a strain on others? What if feeling like a burden was just a giant cloud of collective energy and we wanted to understand why those who loved us kept denying us LOVE. 

My beloved black sheep, you have always been enough, you never asked for too much. All you wanted was total & complete acceptance but in a world where people were not taught to know themselves, they didn’t realize that they were the ones not giving love, they were the ones who weren’t vulnerable, they were the ones who felt they lacked. I cannot possibly write this in a way that feels specific to everyone but I’ve done my best to boil it down to the lowest common denominator. 

My darling, you felt hardened & out of place. You felt uncomfortable in your skin, you always crossed a line but you never quite understood where that line was to begin with. People perceived you as problematic. You always spoke too rebelliously, you asked the difficult questions and you were always told to keep quiet, mind your own business. Remarks were made and that my line of questioning would be fit for a news reporter. Alluding to the fact that you were nosy just because surface responses never fulfilled you. 

You fought against oppressive structures & you hated authority because authority was proven to have been negative in your experiences. Authority hasn’t felt empowering or protective so even if someone offered help, we projected our experience onto them and we rejected them. We didn’t want help anymore. Now we wanted to be left alone like the outcast we were bred to be. 

Well your time has come, to shake all those feelings of inadequacy from within you. It’s time to be the love you want to see in this world. Every bit of love or respect we didn’t get, should radiate from us. The goal of being human is not to keep love from others because we felt lack, but to find it within ourselves and share it with others. Everyone deserves love equally and it is well within our ability to forgive & lend compassion to every broken soul that crosses our path. 

To my black sheep, you may realize by now that perhaps you’re not so dark. Perhaps your darkness merely eclipsed all of the light that is contained within your essence. You are so many things but dark isn’t one all that exists! Allow the light to pierce your conscious level of awareness & allow yourself to give love unabashedly. 

Ethereal Invitation To Cultivate Heart Centeredness.

Hello, Sweet Souls!

Firstly, I want to thank you for reading. I am truly grateful for all of the support! Living from the heart and being vulnerable truly is a rebellious act! Earlier in the week as I was listening to one of Steve Noble’s meditations, Lord Krishna appeared to me. The visualization occurred as such: He stood before me, we held one another’s hands and from within him, he projected DNA into my heart center. He said he was infusing my genetic essence with gold particles. Then, he stepped back and told me to merge with him. As he allowed me to step inside of him, he enveloped me in his essence. He said “If you are to be a master on earth, you’ll need to be more resilient”. He was in no way undermining my current energy or ability but rather preparing me for MORE, the unknown and the currently unmanifest.  I KNOW, I KNOW, it’s highly descriptive and unusual, stay with me though. Coming from me, obscure/esoteric material should not be of any surprise to you! LOL.

 Over the last few weeks, whenever I overcome a trial or some sort of spiritual event, like one where I have a choice to do as I have been programmed OR to do as my heart dictates. I have been choosing the latter. When I do, I will feel my heart skip a beat. Posting this is me being very vulnerable because I’m sure many of you may not be familiar with who I am or we just do not agree on matters of spirit, which is fine because we don’t have to agree. My experience will not be any less real just because others don’t experience life the way I do. 

ANNNYWAYYYY, I was looking up Krishna symbolism and I found these amazing quotes describing Lord Krishna and symbolism that is connected to him.

“Shri Krishna broke the (matka) pot – lets understand the meaning of matka or the pot. When one believes that he/she is the body, ie. matka or the pot. When the pot breaks open then we get makhan or butter. Butter signifies, the essence…” 

“…Why is Krishna known as makhan chor (butter thief)? He steals the heart of the person who experiences love, one whose consciousness has blossomed. Even a thief has been glorified here, Krishna is the only thief who has been glorified….” 

It’s funny how the heart center is mentioned as well as blossoming consciousness. It’s said that the term “thief” in relation to Lord Krishna, is used endearingly. It’s meant to signify someone who love. They are a theif of our love/heart”. 

I have been feeling this massive shift going on and it just feels like a parcel of light/energy that is about to explode but you have no real way of understanding what’s inside of it. I am deeply honored and very happy for this experience. I am honored, lord Krishna gave me love and uplifted me. I was shown benevolence & I was acknowledged. In the “Keepers of The Light” oracle deck, the Krishna card is about devotion, it says “Trust your spiritual guidance, your commitment has been recognized. You are loved unconditionally.” I am floored at the love I’m receiving from spirit. 

Last night I had this elegant, graceful & wild spirit animal enter my dreams. It was a giant horse dressed in ceremonial feathers that were draped over it as well as below. It almost looked like it was enveloped in a seashell of feathers/armor. It’s been a while since I dreamed of animals and while it’s not unusual for me to have them, I seldom ever dream of spirit animal guides such as this. Not nearly as mythical or celestial as this horse was. Literally this spirit is regal, high vibrational and wild! It was absolutely amazing to behold. 

I believe it was complimentary of Krishna’s advice and acknowledgement. This spirit showing me the energy that I long for. The energy that I possess at my core. It stood before me, self assured and ever so passionate. I was in awe of it’s presence. This week has been full of lovely experiences and spiritual self validation. The contrast to all this is that those who cannot and will not be able to drink in my light are showing theirselves to me and it’s rather subtle but still jarring. Some are nothing but an acquaintance, others are my loved ones. I decided I am not reacting anymore to people who refuse to receive me properly. This was a powerful week indeed and I am super blessed.  

Thank you for reading, I hope this piece of me fills you with hope & a sense of knowing that all of your experiences are meant to uplift you, despite how restrictive or oppressive it may feel!

-The Renaissance Mystic

Cancer Season/Eclipse Forecast

For July, there is a lot of intense energy at play but with discipline & faith, there is much that can be learned during this month. With a hand full of planetary retrogrades & eclipses, there is A LOT of overarching energies that are here to teach us how to anchor into our heart spaces & begin to live lives of purpose. 

So keep your faith in the God above, and faith in the righteous truth, it shall bring you back to the absent love, and the joys of a vanished youth.” Edgar A Guest

I’ve intuitively selected the crystals that resonate with me most, in relation to the month of July and all the celestial energies that are swirling all at once. First I chose Heulandite. The frequency of Heulandite connects to the heart, third eye and crown chakras with specific resonance depending on the colour. White/peach toned Heulandite connects to the third eye and crown chakras opening your consciousness to receive information from the higher realms. It will aid the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain. 

 The second crystal is septarian. Septarian is great for public speaking & communication with others as well as Mother Earth! It bring subconscious thoughts to the forefront of your consciousness so that you’re prepared for whatever you’ve been manifesting. This could be on the nite positive spectrum or the more negative spectrum.  It really works the lower chakras and promotes peace & balance. 

The third crystal I picked is larvikite. Larvikite stimulates psychic visions and abilities. It brings clarity and even past life recall. It promotes patience and the supportive energy needed to complete goals or even a karmic pattern. It creates new pathways for higher knowledge. It allows us to be more adaptable. 

 Labradorite awakens is to the heights of our own consciousness. It allows us to take a leap down the rabbit hole. It instills is with a sense of excitement and prevents any energy leaks. It also brings us the gift of serendipity & synchronicity. 

The last mineral is Freshwater pearls. Pearls energy has such a lunar-esque vibration to it. It helps us to nurture the growth of our capacity to give and receive pure love. Pearl attracts wealth and luck, stimulates your intuition and opens up our connection to the source of divine feminine energy! 

 With the new moon & a solar eclipse in cancer happening, there is TONS of room for emotional excavation & transmutation. Cancer is a very unique sign in that they are extremely emotional but when it’s their sun sign —the planet that represents the ego, our vitality and the experience we came to have— it creates a conflict of interest. Cancer is ruled by the moon which represents our soul, emotions and the subconscious. When that is in the position of the sun, which again represents the ego, it can really mar their judgement and perception of themselves, others and they have much difficulty processing emotions. They feel so much that they tend to send their traumas adrift at sea rather than actually dealing with them. 

 Cancer archetypal energy is that of the lunar Mother goddess. Feminine, receptive, intuitive & nurturing. She craves security and for divine masculine energy to hold space for her divine feminine energy to prosper and create new worlds. Cancer energy has that “wounded healer” aspect to it. Being extremely sensitive has it’s pros and cons. Now with the sun & moon in cancer and a solar eclipse, it creates an amazing opportunity to do some real shadow work! Rather than casting your traumas adrift, we can anchor them into our consciousness and fully accept them. Utter and complete acceptance is alchemy. 

 All of the crystals I intuitively chose, support the process of alchemy. Sometimes crystals call to me and I don’t know why until I refresh myself on the meaning. Lots of feelings of unworthiness have surfaced in myself and those around me. The safety and security I once felt has diminished. I’m no longer resonating in the space that I’m in and my programmed sense of fear and distrust has really made itself evident. I tend to withdraw far too deeply and I pull myself away from others but I don’t see that as wholly negative, just something that requires balance. 

 With the eclipse in play, we have such a wonderful opportunity to nurture our shadows, even the ones we don’t want to love! I have a special shadow integration ritual that I learned during my time as a Priestess initiate. I’ve made it my own but the foundation is very strong & I don’t do it at any other time than during an eclipse. With that being said, the process allows me to personify my shadows and to view them as a piece of me that has taken on its own form & identity. It allows me to humanize those aspects, thus enabling me to lend compassion as I would go another human being. 

What we resist persists so I urge you to find your own method for shadow work, make it a habit and adhere to whichever timeframe calls to you. Now, I pulled cards for the month of July and they’re very profound. I almost didn’t want to post them as I feel they were so relevant to me but I knew they also applied to the collective. I hope they offer you some sort of wisdom & clarity. 

Card 1: Everything Will Be Ok 

This card came out at the perfect time. I saw a post on Facebook the other day and it read “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want”. Everything works out according to the plan that your higher self and the universe agreed to before your incarnation. We have to really feel into what calls to us, what we are drawn to. I know I can sometimes over-intellectualize my feelings and occasionally I prevent myself from fully experiencing them. With that being said, surrender into the realm of the unknown and allow yourself to take life as it comes while still holding a vision of what you’d like. Don’t worry how it will happen. 

Card 2: Green 

The green card is a reminder that our struggles or confines of this physical realm are actually the fertilizer we need in order to grow. As humans we are met with facets of ourselves that come in the form of people or situations that feel beyond our control. When we deny this, we keep dodging our lessons and chances to alchemize things that are screaming to be dealt with. Take the first card into consideration when pondering on how this applies to you. Don’t worry about why you are going through it, see what you have to and turn that understanding inward. 

Card 3: Someone Soon 

This card is a foreshadowing that we may receive a piece of information through another person. In order for things to make sense, occasionally we need to see things or hear what’s being conveyed through the perspective of another individual. Could also be that someone new will be stepping into your life and that it’s of a more positive experience. Maybe a new mentor, friend or lover. Either way, there is an energy is inevitable. Be receptive to this and honor their arrival by being excited, not obsessive. I’ve been certainly tasked with lesson and I know it’s hard not to fixate. Fixation can often times repel what we are hoping for. Allow yourself to receive. 

  Overall July really sets us up for success. This month and all of its glorious energy is opening up the energy of the collective so that we can see our shadows, emotional traumas, and really tune into our inner child. Be kind, compassionate and nurturing towards yourself and others. We all have things we don’t divulge with others and sometimes we don’t even have the strength to see it for ourselves. 

Purifying The Goddess

Now this may trigger you, it may make you angry but my journey to inner peace is a reflection of me. Detach yourself from my content and read objectively. Otherwise you’ll only be exhibiting the domination energy I make mention to later on in my article.

On May 28th I was sat outside in nature, under the phantasmic glamour of the mushroom. I felt this weight on me that my ego had otherwise built a wall around. I was able to scale that wall & meet myself more deeply than I ever had. For the first time in YEARS I was able to breathe. I finally allowed myself to be purified by my own thought & will. I decided I’m no longer entertaining filth, energetically speaking. It was a baptism for me, I became pure again. I was fully present & so happy basking in my own energy.

There is this blanket of filth that covers humanity and their intentions, it spans many areas of life but my focus was on collective domination energy & sexually perverse energy. I’m no longer resonating in that space. I am innocent, I am kind & I am at peace. All the filth I was holding onto, I let go. What I experienced was a literal rebirth, I was wearing white & everything.

Now sex is not inherently perverse. It’s a union of sacred energies merging as equals, however most people just play out their subconscious traumas through the kinds of sex they have. Most of sex determines that someone is being dominated and that ripples through the collective, resulting in alarmingly high numbers of sexual assault. I understand you may be cocking your head sideways and wondering “hmm, I don’t know if I agree with this” and while you are right to have your own opinion on the matter, this is what I have come to.

Being energetically sensitive, I don’t feel the same way about sex as most of humanity does. Energies come in two forms, receptive & penetrative. It’s the law of sex, if you will. All of the natural world responds to this sexual rhythm. In order for a seed to grow into a flower, the seed must penetrate the receptive earth, rain must penetrate the receptive soil & so on. Nature is not distorted, nor does it seek sexual dominance. Porn is dangerous to the psyche because it sinks into the subconscious and validates the old sexual programming, that someone has to be dominated, forcefully ejaculated on or inside of.

When a tree produces pollen, it’s essentially covering everything around it with its reproductive structure. No one watches pollen fall and becomes aroused by it. The entire process is so natural that no one bats an eye to it. Yet, that is the sexual dynamic of plants. Why can’t humans be as neutral to sex as nature is? Nature is purity, sex is purity but humans have turned it into this perverse act that plays on our sexual guilt.

Now, of course this is my perspective because I’m no longer accepting of being penetrated just because one feels the need to act out sexual dominance or receive some sort of sexual gratification that has been programmed & reinforced by pornography. Sex is so powerful, so unbelievably powerful. Priestesses back in the day were the original prostitutes. However, they were revered. Their sexual energy was so pure that men would traverse to the temple, bring an offering to the Priestess and state his intention. Her sexual energy was so pure that she could manifest his desires.

What happened to that sense of purity? I think it was just snuffed out due to societal structures, distortions in how the masculine viewed the feminine & so much more. Sexual energy and desire is housed in your second chakra, the sacral chakra. When that chakra is full of sexually distorted energy, guilt & sexual abuse energy from this lifetime & previous existences, it really dilutes the magic that is sexuality and the way we use it. Sexual energy is so powerful that it can create new life, new surroundings & new experiences. Purity of intent dictates just how much of your desires are brought to life. Purity of intent allows for sexual harmony & equality.

In terms of daily life, people exhibit domination energy everywhere. At work, at home, with their children, pets & even online. People walk around with manipulating, domineering energy. In some it’s very subtle, in others it’s rather obvious. We very seldom look at others and think of something positive. We look at another only to quietly make a criticism about them. We always feel as if we have to assert ourselves more than necessary because people abuse power at work or at home.

Parents dominate their kids, some kids dominate their parents and the world is full of billions of power trips being played out simultaneously. That collective energy is very harmful to society and I no longer resonate in that space. I am NOT this this receptacle for domination energy & I am commanding and wielding my regal energy from now on. To actually allow happiness, peace & sovereignty in my life will really rub others the wrong way, especially if they’re happily steeped in that energy.

This entire experience reminded me of Queen Elizabeth I. When she declared herself the virgin queen, married to her country & her subjects. See, I’m
married to my purpose. I belong to no one and will not be dominated by the subconscious traumas of others. My purpose is to bring beauty & innocence back into the world. Elizabeth, she wasn’t talking about physical virginity but a spiritual virginity, spiritual purity & I wholeheartedly resonate with that. I decided I wanted to marry my purpose. My purpose isn’t what someone else tells me, it’s what I feel within me and what I feel is innocence. As a child my innocence was taken from me and I spent so many years punishing myself for it. I’ve now reclaimed it and intend on leading the way for others who may feel just like me.

Relationship Flow: Following Intuitive Prompts

I believe FLOW truly lacks in our relationships. We hold people to the “forever” standard and we refuse to see these people for what they are, mirror images and their purpose is to show us bits of who we are and who we aren’t. Your intuition uses your discernment to distinguish between the two.

In a more harmonious relationship where everything seemed to flow smoothly until one day it didn’t, what would be the purpose of that? Well karma. We knew these people in previous lifetimes too! Most people in the spiritual community sense past life connections to their partners & they’re absolutely right, however that doesn’t mean that you won’t gave tests & trials. That is unfortunately where people give up and part ways. They’re refusing to rectify their karmic baggage & move forward. Instead they give up and when we give up, move onto the next person without understanding what their last relationship was trying to teach them, they’ll usually find traces of the same issues in their next partners.

In an abusive situation, I’ve learned that I was there to see how abusive I was being towards my own self, how my own thinking about me was toxic and harmful. It was then being reflected back towards me in a very unsavory way. Does that exempt that person? Not at all, does it mean to continue to stay there? Fuck no! What it means is that you are to find the kernel of truth in a situation that otherwise seems too horrible to be in anymore. Is an abusive relationship considered sacred? I believe so. My belief is that our biggest challenges offer us the opportunity to grow & then be a support to others who may never have the strength to know their value and leave the situation.

With all the twin soul and twin flame hype going on at the moment, everyone is in a rush to find their other half but what those people are not understanding is that you are already whole. You are not seeing it that way and you are projecting self realization and lack of spiritual fulfillment onto those you are dating. You’re not looking to clear karma, you’re essentially creating the illusion that you’re meant to be with that person forever and ever.

Sometimes people are merely meant to help us resolve inner conflict and we attach all of our lives to them. We buy the houses, have the babies and the pets. We believe that’s what we should do when we love someone. For some, that is what your souls agreed to, for others I’d have to disagree. When there are signs of the relationship waning and the connection is lacking, I think it’s time to start looking at the person with honor and respect rather than with hatred and disdain. Be grateful they entered your life. Any amount of time shared with someone was divinely orchestrated by both of your higher selves. Homes can be sold, children can be supported during times of intense stress and change as long as we are the example.

I believe that people are temporary in our lives and perhaps some of us have karmic ties to be married, to be tied down but so many of us feel like we lack that. Lack is an illusion. What if your time for love hasn’t not come yet because that great love you are looking for is within you? What if you have to love yourself totally and completely before someone else is able to walk in and share that with you?

I don’t believe that someone gets to tell you how to exist in their life. Your mission is merely to live and learn. When the lesson is over, honor each other and bow out gracefully. It doesn’t matter that you have to tear down what you created, it just means the universe has another creation in mind and all you have to do is TRUST & FLOW! All while loving yourself and your life’s journey.

I implore you all to view your journey with your partner as sacred but discern if forever is for you. Does forever fit your life purpose? Some of us have major life purpose and being tied down can impede that purpose.